iTeach Outreach

At Kennesaw State University iTeach, we recognize that with all the good that comes from the influx of new devices, mobility, and connectivity, there are also new challenges. One of the most pressing challenges we are seeing is in parenting to connected kids

ParentingWe are the first generation of parents to have to solve the screen time debate. We are the first generation of parents that have to model appropriate use. And we are the first generation of parents that have to navigate our children through the benefits and consequences of trying to build a personal brand while at the same time, leaving a digital footprint for all to see.

So, how do we do this? Where can we go for help, support, and/or resources?

Too many times we have looked for the answers to these questions and came up empty. That is why we, as educators AND parents, have decided to answer it ourselves. 

PresentationWe have been collecting best practices from parents who have been in the trenches with their children and their devices. And now, we would like to share them with YOU

If you are a parent, or know a parent, who has been looking for a resource or guide in the ongoing struggle of managing our children and their devices, we want to help.


We talk with parents at schools, PTA meetings, Churches, HOAs, Parent Nights, or anywhere parents gather!

i would like more information on parenting to connected kids

*We recently presented on this topic to over 150 school counselors for the GaDOE. You can view the recorded presentation here: