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Who We Are

We Are...

  • Instructional Coaches - research shows that instructional coaching improves both instructional practice and student achievement—more so than other professional development and school-based interventions;
  • Educators - 30+ energetic, well-respected, and highly-motivated teachers and administrators committed to transforming teaching and learning with future-ready technologies;
  • Instructional Technology Specialists - recognized as experts in the fields of educational hardware, software, device deployments, and MDM;
  • Industry Leaders - with over 100 industry certifications from the likes of Google, Apple, Microsoft, and more;
  • Advocates - leading the charge towards Personalized Learning in Georgia, the Southeast, and the Nation.


  • Stephanee Stephens

    Stephanee Stephens, Director

    Stephanee obtained a B.A. degree in Spanish and a B.Ed. degree in Multi-Age Education from The University of Toledo, an M.Ed. in Inclusive Education from Kennesaw State University, and is currently enrolled in her EdD program with a specialization in Instructional Technology. She joined KSU as Director of iTeach in 2016 and currently leads a team of Instructional Technology Specialists who contract with schools and districts to model personalized learning. Prior to joining KSU, she was Program Specialist in Instructional Technology for Personalized Learning at Fulton County Schools, Georgia and, prior to that, was a Spanish Teacher at Autrey Mill Middle School. Her research interests include: Personalized Learning and Maker Education.

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