Who We Are

iTeach is a service unit of the School of Instructional Technology and Innovation, in the Bagwell College of Education at Kennesaw State University. It is a collective of the most innovative certified teachers, media specialists, and administrators in and around the Atlanta metro area. With a focus on innovation coaching and implementing and integrating instructional technologies, iTeach staff work with K12 districts, schools, and teachers to advance teaching and learning in ways that would not have been possible just a few years ago.

What We Do

iTeach partners with schools, districts, and states to innovate teaching and learning through future-ready experiences that are only  possible at the intersection of teaching best practices and new and emerging instructional technologies. We help plan, implement, coach, assess, and reflect on everything from grade-level professional development to state-wide Digital Learning Initiatives.

Partner with iTeach

The iTeach staff of dedicated innovation coaches have the experience to move you forward. Our team has proven leadership and experience in the fields of Innovation Coaching, Professional Development, Consulting, Instructional Technologies, and more!

With iTeach, you will be able to see your current reality and your future vision; develop your vision of teaching and learning and implement it; and design supports for your administrators and teachers and deliver them.

Featured Partners

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GRE4T Initiative
Fulton County Schools
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How Did We Do?

  • You all did great and monitored/adjusted as we presented needs. At first I thought to myself, "They had to have spent forever planning this." But, the fact that you were able to throw in new things when we needed help shows you all are just absolutely amazing and we are so very lucky to have a partnership with each and every one of you.”

  • Honestly, this is the best PD I've ever attended. I'm definitely a PD junkie (You can never learn too much!) so I've been to A LOT”

  • This PD has been beyond amazing and I look forward to the rest to come. Continued follow up with coaching coaches this coming year is also something that I look forward to this year.”

  • As I said yesterday, KSU's iTeach team is the bomb and I have nothing to say that would help you do anything you aren't already doing a fantastic job at. This training has blown me away and I hope I can be half the coaches you all are!”

  • I know nothing is perfect, but this PD was as good as it gets!”

  • I just love how we work in whole groups, small groups, and independently and the learning we are doing is so hands-on from a virtual standpoint. No time is wasted, but I don't feel overwhelmed or behind.”

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