Instructional Coaching

iTeach is committed to our mission of transforming teaching and learning through future ready experiences and research shows the most effective way to do that is through instructional coaching.

We currently use three different models of coaching to support our clients: 

  1. Embedded, or "Deep Coaching," allows us to work side-by-side with students, teachers, media specialists, and administrators everyday. This model promotes change through a combination of regular (usually monthly or bi-monthly) face-to face coaching where we can co-plan, co-teach, and model new and improved teaching practices for our partner teacher and through shorter, more frequent virtual meetings (weekly) where we can reflect, refine goals, and identify teaching strategies to help meet those goals. This model works great for schools or districts wanting to create or enhance an internal group of teacher-leaders. Examples we have supported include:

    1. Fulton County Schools (Georgia) Vanguard
    2. Frederick County Public Schools (Maryland) Vanguard
    3. Boulder Valley School District (Colorado) Ed Tech Team

  2. Job-alike Support, or "Light Coaching," allows us to pair an iTeach coach with the same or similar certification and teaching experience as the partner teacher. This model was specifically designed to address the uneasy feeling of being coached by someone who does not share in the partner teachers' experiences. Light coaching happens virtually and in short (usually 30 minutes or less) meetings once or twice a week. The ability to relate on a personal level promotes relationships and trust, two of the most important pieces of learning.

  3. Virtual Coaching allows us to connect with and support teachers from anywhere. While not very popular just several years ago, the Covid-19 pandemic provided a platform for us to test, refine, and demonstrate that virtual coaching support could be effective. It was so effective, in fact, that many of our partners are moving to a model with more virtual support than face-to-face as it allows for greater flexibility in scheduling and the ability for more frequent, yet shorter, meetings.


iTeach coaches use a blended and personalized model of Jim Knight's Coaching Cycle. Through a combination of both face-to-face and virtual support, we are there to support your vision of teaching and learning! 

Let's build a model that best fits the needs of your teachers and learners