The KSU iTeach team is leading the way in Personalized Learning. Our leadership team members are the foremost thought leaders on the topics of personalized learning, systematic change, and change management. And we learned by doing!

We consult with district level administration to help construct the right vision for change. We consult with district and school level admin teams to design and plan for change management. We also consult with district and school level teams to ensure the vision and plans are implemented and executed effectively and efficiently.

At iTeach, we employ research-based best practices and have over 50 coaches in the field everyday, validating and iterating those best practices. Through our unique partnership with Kennesaw State University, we have access to some of the most respected education researchers in the industry!

Contact us for more information on how KSU iTeach can help your district envision, plan, and implement today's best, research-based practices and move your district towards Personalized Learning.

-District Level Vision/Strategic Planning
-Thought Leadership
-District/School Level Change Management
-Program Evaluation

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