Our leadership team members are the foremost thought leaders on the topics of instructional technology implementation and integration, personalized and student-centered learning, systematic change, and change management. And we learned by doing!

We consult with districts to help construct the right vision for change and with schools to design and plan for change management. We also consult with district and school level teams to ensure the vision and plans are implemented and executed effectively and efficiently.

At iTeach, we employ research-based best practices and have over 25 coaches in the field everyday validating and iterating those best practices. Through our unique partnership with the Bagwell College of Education, and the School of Instructional Technology and Innovation at Kennesaw State University, we also have access to some of the most respected education researchers in the field!

Contact us for more information on how iTeach can help your district envision, plan, and implement today's best, research-based practices and move your district forward. The following are just a few of the topics we have consulted on with our partners:

-District Level Vision/Strategic Planning
-Thought Leadership
-Instructional Technology Program (1:1 roll-out, device selection, MDM, etc)
-District/School Level Change Management
-Program Evaluation
-Curriculum and Instruction
-Policy and Practice
-Instructional Design

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Program Evaluation

Thinking about starting the journey to Personalized Learning? Or, are you already entrenched in the work of personalizing every student's learning experience? Are you using or considering a framework for assessment or technology integration?

No matter where you are in the journey, the professionals at iTeach can help by providing a thorough program evaluation taking into consideration where you started, where you are, and where you want to go.

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Instructional Design

ADDIE model

Our team of experienced teachers, administrators, and coaches specialize in Instructional Design and Learning Theory. Because of our unique relationship with Kennesaw State University and the Bagwell College of Education, we have unfettered access to all of the latest trends, research, and theories in learning and knowledge aquisition. Our instructional coaches use this access to design meaningful learning experiences for the teachers and students in the schools and districts we work with.

Things we account for when designing learning experiences for your teachers and students:

  • Access
    • For All Learners
      • Disabled Learners, Gifted Learners, English Language Learners (ELL), etc
    • New and Emerging Adaptive Content
      • ALEKS, iReady, Redbird, etc
    • Learning Management Systems (LMS)
      • Canvas, Schoology, Power School, etc
    • Digital Content (School/District Supported - Paid and Free)
      • Software, Web Apps, Device-Specific Apps, etc

  • Data
    • District and School Level
    • Needs Assessments
    • Gaps

  • Learning Objectives
    • State and National Standards
    • District and School Desired Outcomes
    • Individual Teacher Needs

  • Local School Level
    • Leadership Change Management
    • Abilities and Level of Teacher Comfort for Change
    • School Culture


Examples of Learning Experiences Designed by iTeach Instructional Coaches

  • In an elementary classroom, 5th grade students partnered with published authors to improve their writer capacity and structure. Apart of the #KidsNeedMentors program, iTeach Instructional Coaches redesigned the learner experience by: incorporating monthly author chats (via Zoom), submitting student-created work (to authors) for live classroom feedback, and fielding student questions regarding the writing process.

  • In an elementary school, iTeach Instructional Coaches utilize Swivl to reflect on implemented instructional models and offer feedback on how to increase student outcomes. By providing visual evidence, teachers work alongside educational specialists to improve lesson design and support modern delivery methods to students.

  • In a middle school classroom, iTeach Instructional Coaches have carefully crafted a student experience that allows them to choose their own learning adventure. Tasked as being a research scientist, students can choose to unlock the mystery of an endangered plant or save the world from a deadly disease impacting healthy cells. These research scientists must prepare an oral presentation that showcases their understanding of either animal or plant cells.

  • In a middle school classroom, 8th grade Physical Science students became Structural Engineers and designed a "maker roller coaster", where they incorporated all 5 Physical Science Standards. Later named The Scream Extractor, this culminating activity allowed students to implement The Design Process by: creating a roller coaster (track and cart) out of recycled materials, designing an animated sign that incorporated both coding and animatronics to simulates two screaming characters, and a complete ride-inspired chef menu to be featured at the grand opening.

If your school and/or district is interested in creating more meaningful learning experiences for your teachers and students, iTeach can help you analyze, design, develop, implement, and/or evaluate your current instructional practices and methodologies.

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"Often our perceptions of what kids have difficulty with are debunked when we dig into the learning trenches with them. I felt more needed and valuable as a teacher in the moments when I struggled and persevered WITH my students." - Former KSU iTeach Director, Stephanee Stephens, on her experience with the #MakerMovement.

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Maker Space Consulting: Do you want to have a maker space, but you have no idea where to start? Let us help! You will get a coach to help you through the process, and a chance to experience maker tools without the pressure of a vendor!

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