Virtual/Augmented Reality in Schools


Baker Elementary School set to open Cobb’s first virtual reality computer lab

Marietta, Ga. (May 2, 2018) — Baker Elementary School is starting a new, virtual era for Cobb schools.

“The whole face of education is changing,” said Kimberly Hutcheson, an after-school program director at Baker Elementary.

Baker and Cobb Superintendent Chris Ragsdale will officially open the school district’s first virtual reality computer lab — located in Baker’s learning commons — tomorrow morning.

All Baker students will be able to use the school’s seven new virtual reality, three-dimensional computers that allow students to interact with science and engineering concepts. While wearing virtual reality glasses, students are able to study a butterfly’s life cycle, an architectural blue print and other tasks in three dimensions.

Three students can work together at their own pace to complete virtual reality assignments on a single computer, Hutcheson said.

The hands-on, three-dimensional lessons will also help students better understand abstract concepts such as fifth graders learning about organisms’ cells, said Baker’s science, technology, engineering and math — STEM — teacher Matt Farrell.

“They’re so tiny it’s almost fictional. It’s hard to grasp that, but in the program you can make them more real by interacting with them,” he said.

He said the school’s new virtual reality computer lab will also help the students perform more hands-on experiments and assignments without teachers having to set up or clean up.

Marietta Daily Journal
December 5, 2016