iTeach On Demand

Coaching sessions will employ co-planning as a way to effectively diagnose and support each educator one-on-one.  Both the educator and coach have responsibilities in this system, and they are outlined below. 

Co-Planning is…

1. A way to ensure that we are modeling processes that support self-regulated learning;

2. Essential to create a truly personalized learning environment;

3. An effective practice not only in a professional coaching setting, but within your classroom as well.


On Demand Coaching with iTeach is as easy as 1...2...3... 


Step 1: Complete Intake Form


Step 2: Meet Your Coach          


Step 3: Complete Exit Ticket    


*We are currently testing our platform for delivering high quality coaching On Demand. Check back often for updates on this exciting new offering from the instructional coaching experts at iTeach!

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