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S1, Ep20 - Interview w/Steve Garton, Common Sense Education

Special Episode - Steve Garton, Live from GaETC 2017

KENNESAW, Ga. (Dec 12, 2017) — We got to sit down and chat with Common Sense Media's Steve Garton at GaETC 2017 about everything from parenting today's connected children to managing systematic change at the state level.
You can follow Steve on Twitter @sgarton121.
You can watch the interview on our YouTube channel at

Key Discussions:

[3:50] - Steve's average day
[4:10] - Description of new "premium product" from Common Sense Media
[7:10] - Importance of collaboration between higher ed and K12 for teacher prep
[8:20] - "Teaching is tough"; teacher's don't need to know every piece of tech
[9:06] - Using Common Sense Media as a parent resource
[11:25] - Internet safety vs digital citizenship
[13:12] - Creation vs consumption of digital content
[14:20] - Importance of "memorable assignments"
[15:20] - Steve's role in the Maine DOE 1:1 initiaive
[17:12] - Importance of digital skills for future employment opportunities
[18:15] - Leading PD at the state level
[20:51] - Importance of "time" and "permission to fail" in teacher PD
[21:40] - What state leaders need to focus on to be successful in initiaive implementations
[22:50] - "Tech has to work" for successful and wide scale adoption
[23:21] - Importance of planned sustainability for continued success
[24:11] - Importance of internet and infrastructure in schools today
[25:40] - What they told Utah
[26:00] - Push back in Maine and how they responded
[27:40] - Comparing education today to the music industry
[29:50] - Importance of data and working together