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Podcast: Sep 2017

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  • Episode 8

    In this special episode, Andy chats Kris McBride, the longest server member of the iTeach team. Kris has a unique roll with the team in that she is one of the Project Leads for our largest contract and she gets to "coach the coaches." Tune in to learn some of the strategies and best practices Kris uses to support our embedded coaches in the field.  –  September 20, 2017

  • Episode 7

    In this episode, we get to meet KSU Instructional Technology Specialist Philip Wagener. Phil came to iTeach from Illinois and uses his experience as a traveling musician to engage and personalize learning for his students. Listen as he shares some of his unique strategies for success and the exciting projects he is currently working on.  –  September 20, 2017

  • Episode 6

    EDU Mashup co hosts Andy Boyle and Heather Cox talk with KSU iTeach Director Stephanee Stephens, and KSU Bagwell College of Education professor Dr Anissa Vega about personalized learning. They cover everything from Maria Montessori and her role in personalized learning to state and national policies that are complicating the implementation of personalized learning and education 3.0.  –  September 18, 2017

  • Episode 5

    In this episode, we get to Meet KSU iTeach Instructional Technology Specialist Ana Hale. Ana has a unique set of challenges presented to her as she is embedded in two schools that couldn't be more opposite each other. Learn some of the strategies and tools that Ana uses to personalize learning for both a low SES elementary school and one of the highest SES high schools in the district.  –  September 14, 2017

  • Episode 4

    In Episode 4, Heather Cox enlightens us on what it means to be "Vanguard". She also catches us up on the Vanguard team in Fulton County Schools and some of work she has been doing with other districts in places as far away as Maryland and Texas.  –  September 12, 2017

  • Episode 3

    In this special episode, Andy Boyle introduces us to the podcast format and schedule.  –  September 05, 2017