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Podcast: Nov 2017

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  • Episode 18

    Listen in as we chat with Carlo and Amber (from Nearpod)about all things Nearpod! They were kind enough to stop by our booth at GaETC and fill us in on all the new features and even dropped some hints on some upcoming!  –  November 30, 2017

  • Episode 17

    This very special episode was recorded live from our booth at GaETC 2017. Listen in as Google's Education Evangelist, Jaime Casap, talks with us about trends in education, Personalized Learning, and Google's involvement in the Dynamic Learning Project (with Digital Promise).  –  November 14, 2017

  • Episode 16

    Get to know KSU iTeach Instructional Technology Specialist Nisa Peek in this episode of Education 3.0. Nisa is the second longest serving member of the iTeach team and is the project lead for our Paulding County Schools project. She shares with us some valuable tricks that she uses to help clear her mind and focus on the big picture, while at the same time not losing focus on #onesmallthing. Give it a listen and if you like what you hear, subscribe today.  –  November 07, 2017

  • Episode 15

    In this episode, we talk with PCSD Tech Eds project lead, Nisa Peek to get a "peek" at the grassroots change she is leading in Paulding County Schools. Nisa shares with us everything from the humble beginnings of the Tech Eds program to the "District of Distinction" awards they have received since pushing the project out. Listen in to hear some of Nisa's strategies and tips for leading and managing systematic change from the bottom up on a shoestring budget!  –  November 02, 2017